NDT Equipment

  • UPEC Tester: Eddy Current Goes Mobile
  • Sensima Inspection's UltraPortable Eddy Current USB Tester is your best companion for crack detection on metallic surfaces. It is very compact and easy-to-use, yet it integrates advanced features such as multifrequency and digital communication. The UPEC tester can be used together with your favorite processing platform, whether it is a tablet, a laptop or a rugged computer. It includes in a very small footprint all the required electronics to perform basic and even advanced EC testing tasks. Its low power consumption enables it to be powered by any tablet or USB battery pack. UPEC can also be connected with a wireless Bluetooth standard. As a user, you are not locked-in with a proprietary screen or battery type.
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  • UWEC Tester: Underwater Crack Detection
  • Sensima Inspection's UWEC TESTER is the perfect tool for reliable inspection, both underwater and on surface. The equipment complies with eddy current inspection standards, in particular the ISO 15548-1:2013 (Equipment for eddy current examination) and BS EN ISO 17643:2015 (non destructive evaluation of welds). The UWEC underwater eddy current tester has been approved for weld inspection by major authorities around the world, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).
    The differentiating features of the UWEC tester are
    1. Reliable signals: the eddy current signals are processed next to the probe, i.e. robust, digital signals can be transmitted to the surface
    2. No compromise on robustness: a stainless steel casing protects the tester and our proprietary design for weld probe includes a full metal protection of the contact points.
    3. Versatility: The system can be used for manual inspection and ROV integration, both onshore and underwater. The integration can be performed by the customer. Sensima provides support on demand.
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  • SHMEC System: Crack monitoring for structures
  • Sensima's SHM-EC sensor is designed to be easily positioned on the crack to be monitored and to provide direct information on the evolution of the most important parameters of the damage, namely its length and depth. In practice, it means that a crack having been detected during an NDT inspection can be continuously monitored while the damage and lifetime assessments are performed. The monitoring therefore ensures a safe operation before corrective action can be performed while allowing more flexibility in the asset integrity management. In addition, it provides useful information on the crack response to loads and other parameters, therefore contributing to the improve service lifetime analysis. Alternatively, the sensor can be used to monitor crack free locations that have been identified as prone tocracking by comparison with similar components or structure calculations
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    • Applications

    • Underwater Inspection System
    • This inspection system is aimed at detecting cracks on a grid protecting the turbines intake of a run-of-river power plant. The scanner, which contains 8 U-shaped eddy current probes and the control electronics, is attached to the bucket of the crane that automatically cleans the grid from various materials that may obstruct the intake. The full grid, corresponding to a total 4.5 km of bars, can be inspected in one day.
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    • UPEC Multichannel Development Kit
    • The utlimate solution for your most demanding NDT applications. The UPEC MC Development Kit is a very compact and easy to configure 16 channel eddy current tester. Integrated into your NDT system, it will eliminate the issues of long multiwire analog cables while enabling EC-UT co integration. It facilitates the robotics integration and the access to hostile locations such as underwater, confined spaces, and radiative environments.
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