Image processing for geotechnics applications

It is now obvious that the number of landslides will strongly increase in the next years in the Alps because of global warming and thawing permafrost.
While a large set of technologies are available to measure landslides, none is able to cope with a rapid increase of cases impacting the Alps economy, from road infrastructures, to hydropower industry and tourism-related infrastructures.
We developped an image based technology able to measure the displacement of structures (pipes, roads, pylons, buildings) and landslide with unprecendeted accuracy. With the large bandwidth of our measurements (from 20Hz to years of measurement), we advantageously complement those of land surveyors to provide the velocity of the landslide or the interaction between operations (traffic, pipe exploitation, etc..) and land movement. We can also monitor critical aspects such as the day and season variations or that caused by precipitations.

Our autonomous monitoring system can be deployed directly by the personal active in the field (technicians of utility or cable cars companies, forest engineers, road maintenance services). We provide training and remote supervision to make sure the system is adequatly installed and functions properly. The system is self powered (solar panel) and connected to our servers by 3G-4G wireless communication.

Our remote inspection solution has been deployed in more than 10 assets for structure and hydropower assets monitoring.

The displacement monitoring system can be launched in few hours, saving time to setup complex monitoring projects with engineering companies. The system is undemanding in downstream bandwidth, while offering consolidated actionable information such as whether motion is detected or not. With no interaction with other components and the supervision of an inspector (“man in the loop”), it does not suffer from the cyber security weaknesses of IoT systems.

Our compliant reports are generated at periodic time intervals, defined with the asset owner. They are continuously available, tamper proofed, independently verifiable, and secure digital equivalents of traditional inspection paper reports.

We offer project-based solutions for the installation of the autonomous monitoring system. A simple subscription agreement is then setup for the monitoring with the generation of periodic compliant e-reports. We make sure the data format is matching your needs.

Technical Description

  • Inspection technique: Optical displacement monitoring system (image processing based)
  • Standards:
  • Displacement sensitivity: 0.05mm at 6m (laboratory conditions)
  • Power: 10 W (in operation), Solar panel and battery
  • Voltage: 12 V (9 – 42 V possible)
  • Measurement rate: form 20Hz to years
  • Camera type: HIK vision or machine vision
  • Communication protocol:
  • Dimensions: a x b x c
  • Processor: Single board computer with embedded linux
  • Data communication: GSM, Ethernet (possibility to store/retrieve data locally with SD card if the system is not on the internet)
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